unichip how it works"What does it do?” This has got to be the #1 question I encounter during car shows whenever people ask about the Unichip. Next up is “How does it work?” Which will be the focus of this article to explain in as simple terms as possible the how and why.

First of let’s start with the name, Unichip. The Uni part stands for Universal, and it is THE ONLY true universal module that works on any car, any brand, gas or diesel. It’s the same Unichip for your car, truck, minivan, roadster, gasoline or diesel powered, 4 cylinder, V6 or rotary. No other chip can make that claim. Which is the best feature of the Unichip. When it comes time to sell your vehicle, simply unplug it and we can transfer it to whatever next vehicle you buy. It's really an investment that grows with you

d4d driver thumbAdd on module for your Unichip equipped Toyota D4D diesel powered vehicle

mustangI realize why Americans are so obsessed with muscle cars. Magazines are an integral part of the aftermarket. Shops like us are obviously ecstatic whenever we get one of our creations featured, and we in turn get ideas and what’s the latest from foreign magazines. I have been weaned on Sport Compact Car (rest in peace), Turbo and High Tech Performance (rest in peace), Import Tuner and yea, even Super Street. These titles focus more on what the Americans call “import” cars, which to us primarily means made in Japan. .

One of dreams that we have during the planning stages was to offer a bolt on forced induction kit that can be installed in a day or two. Ever since we setup shop almost ten years ago, one of the most often asked questions we get is “Can you turbocharge a (insert car here) and how much?” I usually get more than a few every day and with the followup question of “How long does it take” to which the answer is minimum of 2 weeks. And almost a decade later, it’s still a minimum of two weeks. There has to be a better and faster way to do it.

And we have found the answer! It’s Supercharging!

Definitely the most valuable equipment in our shop