Unichip XFP Module
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Unichip XFP Module (Code: )

Unichip XFP Throttle Control Module
Old price: ₱ 6,500.00
Price: ₱ 5,500.00

Product Description

Almost all modern vehicles are equipped with an electronic throttle that has an annoying long delay from the time you step on the gas pedal to the car actually moving, making the car's response sluggish and taking the fun out of driving. 

The Unichip XFP throttle control module eliminates this annoying throttle lag and makes the car come alive the second your foot hits the pedal. By matching the demand voltage to the desired throttle opening, the XFP quickens the opening and closing of the electronic throttle resulting in dramatically improved accelaration.

Unlike every other throttle controller on the market that just address the response without regard for fuel economy, the XFP is connected to the Unichip, so you can rest assured that the proper fuel and timing adjustments go hand in hand with the increased throttle response, helping to maximize fuel efficiency. 

Requires Unichip Q or Q+ installed in the vehicle.

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