Q-Box Diesel Performance Module
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Q-Box Diesel Performance Module for CRDI Engines
Old price: ₱ 20,000.00
Price: ₱ 18,500.00

Product Description

Q-Box Diesel Performance Module is designed to increase horsepower torque and economy on most modern common rail direct injection diesel engines. By intercepting and altering the rail pressure as well as injection timing, Q-Box delivers superior performance at a lower price than other diesel chips out in the market. This is all done within the manufacturer’s safety parameters.

In addition to added driving pleasure and flexibility, Q-Box, in the same driving conditions, reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption.  Due to the increased torque, to reach the same speed you don’t need to press so hard on the accelerator, so your consumption naturally decreases, with real world testing showing a 10-12% improvement in mileage.

- Plug n Play installation, no cutting or splicing of wires
- 10 presets, choose the best setting for your needs
- Weather proof construction with epoxy filled electronics
- Simple 2 minute install

8Please specify vehicle brand year make and model in Notes Section of the checkout page.

Q-Box vs the competition

Q-Box vs Racechip
1. Baseline Power - Stock 3.0L Toyota makes 125whp and240 ft-lbs of torque.
2. Racechip - Initial gain of 20whp and 40ft-lbs torque @2500rpm but power falls off sharply after 3200rpm.
3. Q-Box -Matches the initial power of Brand RC but continues making power all the way up to redline with 30whp and 35 ft-lbs more than Racechip

Q-Box vs DP Chip
1. Baseline Power - Stock 3.0L Toyota Hilux makes 123whp and 238 ft-lbs of torque.
2. DP Chip - Initial gain of 30whp and 60ft-lbs torque @2500rpm but quickly falls off after only 2800rpm
3. Q-Box -Initial gain of 25hp and keeps building up and  continues making power all the way up to redline with 25whp and 40 ft-lbs more than DP Chip @ 3500rpm


























Q: Will Q-Box void my warranty?
A: Since we designed Q-Box to be easy removable by simply unplugging it from the fuel rail socket, the vehicle goes back to standard mode, and the dealer will find no evidence of Q-Box ever being there, which doesn't void the vehicle's warranty.

Q: Where does Q-Box plug into?
A: Your Q-Box plugs into the end of the fuel rail sensor. In most pickups and SUVs, its located on the back of the engine. For front wheel drive cars like Hyundai or Kia, its always on the front of the engine.

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Q: Whats the difference between HP and WHP?
A: HP means Rated Horsepower, as printed on the brochure of the car and other marketing materials, also known as Rated Horsepower. WHP means Wheel Horspower and is the figured measured of from a dyno. Numerically, there is no difference  as 1 HP = 1 WHP.

Q: Why is WHP lower than Rated HP?
A: Rated HP is the power of the engine alone as measured directly from the crankshaft. When the transmission, drivetrain, axles, driveshaft, airconditioning, oil pump, etc gets added to the final car, all these components will eat up some of the power of the engine, thus lowering the actual power that gets transmitted to the wheel.

Q: Will my throttle response improve?
A: Yes it definitely will! You will notice faster pick up when you step on the gas pedal.

Q: What happens to my fuel economy?
A: In 95% of the cases you will see a marked improvement in fuel economy on street cars driven normally by 9%-12%. With more power and more importantly torque being available at a lower RPM, you don't need to step on the pedal as much to get the power you need, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Q: What do I have to do to revert my vehicle back to stock?
A: Simply unplug Q-Box from the fuel rail and plug the stock socket back in.

Q: How long does an installation take?
A: Typical install takes less than minute with a cool engine.

Q: Is dyno tuning really needed?
A: Not really, you can do the settings using the old seat of the pants feel, but is definitely preferred so you can see exactly how much power you're making.

Q: What are the adjustments on the Q-Box and how do I do it?
A: Remove the cover from the end of the Q-Box and you will see 10 DIP switches. Simply start from the lowest and work your way up to the highest setting without causing a check engine light.

If the check engine light comes on while driving, simply turn the vehicle off and unplug the negative battery terminal and way 1 minute. Go one lower setting than what you presently have, and then restart then engine.
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Q: What's the warranty of the Q-Box?
A: One year against factory defects.

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