Unichip Q4 Engine Management Computer
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Unichip Q4 Engine Management Computer (Code: )

Unichip Q4 Engine Management Fuel and Timing Computer
Old price: ₱ 35,000.00
Price: ₱ 35,000.00

Product Description

Unichip Q4 does all of the amazing things the Unichip Q does but offers more features and more control! Version Q4 has 4 extra digital signal outputs that can control the following:

- Boost solenoids
- Nitrous Solenoids
- Two additional injectors output
- Water/methanol automated control
- Speed limit defeat (certain vehicles)
- Fuel rail pressure control
- Outputs for direct injector drive

Unichip Q4 also has built in Throttle Control/Booster function, a must for any modern drive by wire vehicle! With the throttle control function, Unichip Q4 can drastically lessen and almost eliminate the delay that all modern cars suffer from. 

And unlike cheap simple universal throttle controllers, Unichip Q4 insures that the correct amount of fuel and timing are also present with the faster throttle response, giving you the best drivability while giving good economical fuel gains.

Unichip Q4 is a must if you're planning to install aftermarket turbocharger and supercharger systems, with its ability to control additional fueling (extra injector setup), boost levels, timing retard and more! All this with the simplest wiring solution on the planet! You don't have to deal with a spaghetti's worth of wiring when compared to DIY standalone systems, Unichip Q4 allows does what it does best, make power, and lets the stock ECU handle all the rest.



Q: What's the difference between this and the regular Unichip?
A: The short and easy to understand answer is that the Q4 can control/boost throttle sensitivity, which simply means the car immediately moves when you step on the gas pedal instead of having to wait for the delay.

Q: Will I really feel the difference?

Q: Will I get more power too?
A: Yes you will! More power, more torque and better fuel economy.

Q: Can I add additional/bigger injectors?
A: Unichip Q4 can control 2 more additional injectors should your car need it. If you're replacing your stock injectors with bigger ones (ex. turbo setup) the regular Unichip will be able to make it work

Q: What do you mean Nitrous control? Is it like Fast and the Furious where I press a button on the steering wheel?
A: That's just in the movies. Unichip Q4 can automate the injection and cut off of any nitrous system. There will be a master arm switch and Unichip will activate the nitrous at a preset rpm, example 3000rpm, and automatically shut it off before redline, say 6000rpm. All you have to do is drive and keep your eyes on the road.

Q: What's boost control?
A: For turbocharged cars, raising the boost is achieved with a boost solenoid, which Unichip controls to raise the turbo boost level, and with the correct amount of corresponding fuel enrichment.

Q: Is this plug and play?
A: Nope, it's wired into the ECU harness.




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