With a name like SpeedLab, you won’t be at fault to think all we do is race cars. While a core part of our business is to make your car go faster, your car needs to be in top working condition before we do any power adding. Our shop is more than capable of doing the things the dealership does like change oil, sparkplugs, etc etc.

For Preventive Maintenance Servicing, here’s a quick guide on the usual things that are done:

5,000 km
Just an oil and oil filter change.

change oil


10,000 km

sparkplug  airfilter

Oil change and sparkplug change for gasoline engines. Air filter needs to be changed, now is a good time to get a K&N filter


Brake pads, CV boots and stabilzer linkes are just checked for wear and tear, and replaced as needed


20,000 km

throttlebody  pcv  rotorresurface
Oil and sparkplug change. Inspection of the above items which most likely need to be replaced. The throttle body and PCV need to be cleaned. Brake rotors need to be resurfaced and installed with fresh brake pads.


30,000 km

General checkup off all underchassis components, including suspenison arms, bushings, exhaust rubber hangers and steering rack end.

fuel filter  egr  intercooler
For diesel vehicles, the fuel filter needs to be replaced. EGR, intercooler and SCV needs to taken out and cleaned.


40,000 km

ATF  AT filter 
Time to change the transmission fluid and filter if there is one. Fuel filter is also replaced.

brake bleeding  raditor
Other fluids that need to be changed are the brake fluid and radiator

shockabsrober  battery
Now is the time that most OEM shock absorbers tend to fail. So it’s a good idea to replace them before they get destroyed.
Car batteries usually have a life of two years, so now is also a good time to change it, whether its dead or not.

As you can see, each car's requirements is different from each other and the parts needed differe from model to model, so we can't give a quotation over the phone, text, messaging or FB. Much like going into a hospital, it's best to bring the car to our shop for us to inspect and check what needs to be done so we can provide you with work estimate that is both accurate and cost effective to your car's needs.