Performance is what we do, and there is no upgrade part that we can’t install. From intakes, to exhausts to supercharger kits, we can do it all.

Intake installation – P500 to P750 (labor only)

Most intakes kits from major manufacturers like K&N, AEM and others are simple bolt on affairs that take a couple of hours to install. While we do like complete kits, we do get second hand intake systems that might have missing parts. These won’t be a problem as we have spare parts like hoses, clamps, MAF sensor mounts, etc etc to complete the install.


Exhaust components
Performance Header – P750 to P1000 (4 cylinder NA) P1500 to P3000 (turbo/V6/V8)
Catback Exhaust – P750 to P10000 (bolt on)

Air that goes in must come out, and a set of performance headers and a properly designed exhaust system will maximize the power your car will make. Most header installs take 2-3 hours, a bolt on catback with all the complete parts will take around an hour.

We can also fabricate you a custom exhaust piping for your ride, with the following pricing:
P3500/flexible section

You can supply your own muffler or you can pick from any of the universal mufflers we have for sale. Fabrication of a catback takes 2-3 days. We also do custom one off performance headers for your vehicle, with prices ranging from P14000 to P17000 for most 4 cylinder applications.


Suspension Components
Shock/spring/coilover install – P450 per piece.
Suspension arm/underchassis bars/sway bars – P400 per piece


Brake Systems
Brake rotors – P350/piece
Brake Bleeding – P300/brake


Supercharger/Turbocharger Installation

For stock or upgraded turbochargers that are bolt ons, we charge a flat fee of P5000.

For complete bolt on turbo kit or supercharger kit not purchased from us, we charge P15,000 for installation. Tuning and dyno time are extra.


Nitrous Install

A nitrous kit with all the complete components can be installed and finished within the day, and we charge P5000 for the install. Contents and dyno time are extra. If your kit lacks components we usually have spare parts usually available to complete the install, best to bring the kit to the shop for us to check the condition and parts needed.


Performance Radiator

A definite must in this hot country of ours. We charge P1000 for a bolt on application specific radiator. Coolant is extra.

Engine mount – P750 to P1000 each

Worn mounts cause excessive vibration which is annoying and can be felt inside the cabin. A fresh set of OEM mounts can bring the car back to stock levels of comfort


Racing Seats

Racing bucket seats complete with sliders and vehicle specific brackets are P1000 a piece.

We can custom make a set of mounting brackets if you have the seat alone for P3,500 each, and it takes 2 days for the two seats. Sliders sold separately.


Performance Clutch
Front wheel drive – P4500
4WD/RWD– P9000

Actually even just the normal OEM clutch, the installation process is the same. Most front wheel drive cars can be done in a day if we start early enough. RWD and 4WD cars need 2 days for clutch replacement


Alcohol Injection - P3,500

The whole system can be installed in one whole day if the vehicle is in our shop early. Installation charge of P3,500 which includes the container for the alcohol mixture, brackets for the pump and wiring for the switch. Aluminum intercooler piping and methanol are extra.


Intercooler - P3,000

Bolt on intercooler kits can be installed for P3,000 (assuming complete parts) and can be done in less than a day. We can do custom fabricated intercooler setup for any turbocharged vehicle, P35,000 to P39,000 which includes mandrel bent piping, aluminium pipes, silicon hose couplers, T-bolt clamps and brackets, 3-4 days working time


Camshaft – P3,500/2 pcs

If someone makes performance camshafts for your vehicle, these are a solid and good purchase that makes more power, but note, tuning is most likely required with any set. We recommend you leave the car for two days for a proper install. You may need to replace rubber gaskets in the valve cover.


Custom Fabrication

Sometimes, there is simply no off shelf part that will fit your car’s requirement. We have a complete line of TIG and MIG welding torches for both stainless steel and aluminium, and with our engineering background, we can come up and recommend solutions for your needs. Best to drop by the discuss in depth what you have in mind.


Dyno Rental
Baseline Dyno – P3,000 for 6 runs, HP and torque measurement
Tuning Session – P5,000/hour, you bring your own tuner

Our Dynapack Dyno is one the best dynamometers in the country, consistently used as the HP standard by the Philippine Touring Car Championship, and can do all manner of vehicles, 2WD, 4WD, manual or automatic. Our dyno is available for rent on an hourly basis.